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Binding Machines For All Your Binding Needs

Select a binding machine category from the list below:

  Plastic Comb Binding Machines
Plastic Comb Binding is one of the most popular binding methods in use today. Plastic Comb Binding Machines range from Light Use for Home/Small Office use to Heavy Duty Binding Systems for Busy Office and Print Shop use. Plastic Combs come in numerous colors and sizes to enhance your documents, proposals and presentations. Order your comb binding machine today!

  Plastic Coil Binding Machines
Plastic Coil Binding is another of the most popular binding methods in use today. Coil Binding Machines are offered for any of your binding needs whether you work in the Home Office, Busy Office or Print Shop. Plastic Coils come in numerous colors to match any color binding cover you may use and will further enhance your proposals, documents and presentations.

  Wire Binding Machines
Wire Binding is fast becoming a major player in the binding solution arena. Wire Binding provides a contemporary professional looking presentation that will distinguish your business from the competition. Wire bound documents lay flat and wrap around for easier reading. Documents are securely bound so pages will not fall out. After punching the paper all you need to do is insert the wire and then use the convenient wire closer attached to your wire binding machine. Wire elements are available in numerous colors with black and silver being the most popular.

  New 2 in 1 Binding Machines
In todays ever changing binding presentation market more and more offices, copy centers and schools are beginning to look for alternatives to a single binding method. If you are considering a new binding system there is no reason to tie your hands with a single binding method machine when these 2 in 1 binding systems are offered at comparable prices to a single method binding machine. Available in both manual and electric versions, and offered in varying capacity and productivity levels, these units include Comb & Coil Binding combinations, Comb & 3-Hole Punch Binding combinations, and Comb & 3:1 Wire Binding combinations. Most Multi functional Binding Systems come with a standard, industry leading 2 Year Warranty, making them the preferred choice for professional office, copy center and educational environments.

  UniBind Binding Systems
UniBind is an innovative binding technology that is quickly becoming a favorite in offices, schools, print shops, copy shops and more. A REAL TIME SAVER for your office. There is no punching or inserting involved. Your actual work time on this machine is approximately 3 seconds per book. Place your documents inside your cover and place the book in the UniBind machine. 90 seconds later your presentation is professionally securely bound. Numerous types of professional covers, spines and accessories are available to make your presentations stand out above your competition.

  ProClick Binding Machines
ProClick Binding is a stylish and innovative binding system that can handle large projects with ease. ProClick lets pages lie flat with 360� rotation for convenient note taking and photocopying, and it lets you easily add and remove sheets with a special editing tool. Order Your ProClick Binding System Today!

  VeloBind Machines
VeloBind Binding is most commonly used in Law and Accounting Offices as no binding style is more secure. VeloBind literally locks pages into place and provides a sleek, slim bound document that lays flat for easy filing and mailing capability.

  Thermal Binding Machines
Thermal Binding systems provide a high quality professional presentation without the wasted labor time and cost of punching your documents. Reduced labor time is making Thermal Binding Machines a more popular binding method in today�s fast paced office environment.

  Tape Binding Machines
Tape Binding systems also provide a high quality professional presentation without the wasted labor time and cost of punching your documents. Reduced labor time is also making Tape Binding Machines a more popular binding method in today�s fast paced office environment.

Simple to use, BookletMakers are ideal for schools, churches and print shops. A BookletMaker folds and staples your paper turning it into a professional bound booklet. Bookletmakers will enable you to easily make booklets, pamphlets, newsletters and reports.

Looking for Heavy Duty Binding Machines/Systems?

  Heavy Duty Binding Machines
Plastic Comb, Coil, and Wire Binding systems are offered for the High Volume Binding user. Interchangeable Dies for the various binding methods are offered to make these units true heavy duty binding systems.



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